Planning review

IT Project scheduling (project planning) is Project scheduling (project planning) is a profession by itself. I can help you to make sure your project scheduling activities do not become a project risk, by reviewing, advising and optimizing the project planning for you. Because of the years of experience I have in project scheduling, the cost will be relatively low and the impact considerable.

Improving your project planning is about saving resources, time and money.

Schedule review(s)

I review your MS-Project Schedule against a checklist of common errors, best practices and industry standards - of course using years of practical experience in the profession of project and programme management. Having an independent review done by an experts is not only Quality Assurance - it is also Risk prevention !

Also I can do intermediate project or programme health checks.

Schedule Optimizing

I can help you to optimize your project schedules, so over-and under scheduling of resources can be limited. This will usually mean I will come back with a number of questions to help and get the job done. It is easy to see that improving the efficiency in the use of resources pays for itself !


Alternatively, I can help you to create the MS Project plan and/or maintain this for you.



Depending on the size of the schedule and the service you require, a cost proposal will be made.

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